Opt for an efficient transload solution!

Opt for an efficient transload solution!

What is a transload service?

A transload service occurs when goods have to change their transport method to their destination. For example, when goods or containers arrive by boat, a specialized transload company makes sure to unload the material and transfer it to another transport method such as the train.

What are the solutions offered by St-Pierre?

For more than 10 years, our professional team have mastered the art of transloading.  We offer economic, effective, fast and safe solutions which will provide additional flexibility to your transportation logistics. For Canadian companies exporting to the United States, we can unload materials from trucks to load it on railcars, for any destination in the US.For American companies, we can unload the materials from railcars to load it on trucks on the way towards your Canadian customers.

Where is your transload facility located?

Our transload facility is located in Beauharnois, Quebec, near Highway 30. This location allows you to reach directly the American railroad company CSX.

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